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An old couple's love

An 88-year-old woman went to visit her husband at the CHSLD on Sunday. She sat very close to him, with her arm over his shoulder. They remained in silence, probably feeling each other's presence. At one point, the Mr. leaned towards her, he looked her very intensely in the eyes, without speaking. The lady held his gaze. In their eyes, love was passing and their faces were very close to each other. This intense look lasted for at least a big minute. Afterwards, the Mr.'s gaze became confused and he straightened up in his chair. The lady remained close to him; she caressed his hair, his face, his arm, in silence. Suddenly, the Mr. leaned back towards his wife and hugged her tightly, just as he did when he was happy and content before he was ill and was showing it to his sweetheart. He said to her: "You are beautiful my wife!" (he speaks very little and often the words are incoherent. Moreover, before his illness, he had never told his wife that he found her beautiful!) Then he took refuge in his foggy bubble.

When she returned home, the woman was very proud of herself, fulfilled to have this ability to love her husband unconditionally. She felt her own benevolence and heart wide open. She fed off her own love for herself. In fact, she fed her self-esteem.

by Ghislaine Bourque

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