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Centre Montessori Alzheimer - Canada

A full-fledged human being despite dementia

Un être humain à part entière
The following reflections come from various situations with my mother and with other residents in CHSLD. Communicating from the heart kept me connected to my dear mother until she died in my arms.

An old couple's love

Bourque centre montessori alzheimer quebec canada
An 88-year-old woman went to visit her husband at the CHSLD on Sunday. She sat very close to him, with her arm over his shoulder. They remained in ...

Alzheimer's and ART: Breakthrough Therapy - ABC News Intvw w/ Dr. John Zeisel

Alzheimer's and ART: Breakthrough Therapy - ABC News Intvw w/ Dr. John Zeisel ABC News covers Arts-Based Alzheimer's Therapy sponsored by AR...

Putting a smile on your face while living with cognitive impairment

Troubles cognitifs centre montessori alzheimer quebec canada

Percevez-vous la maladie comme une perte d'identité et d'individualité TOTALE de la personne ?

Dans son livre « Le mythe de la maladie d'Alzheimer », l'auteur Peter Whitehouse nous propose une redéfinition et une reconstruction de notre langage face à la maladie.

Helping caregivers in their daily lives

proche aidant
How does the Montessori method adapted for seniors with Alzheimer's disease provide support and a solution for caregivers in their daily lives? Fo...

Help me do it alone

Quite a title isn't it? Our society puts too much emphasis on Alzheimer's disease, the labels and symptoms generally associated with the disease. ...

Relearn everyday gestures thanks to the Montessori Method

La Méthode Montessori adaptée pour les personnes atteintes de troubles de mémoire
Are you living with Alzheimer's and having difficulty adjusting emotionally? Do you have a hard time understanding and accepting your condition an...